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Empowering Generations

Our Vision

At Generations Church, our vision is clear— a church grounded in faith and God’s love, where lives, families and communities are transformed through the power of Jesus, and people from every generation are empowered to be Christ-like leaders in Church and society.

We envision a community that mirrors the love and acceptance of Christ, a place where people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures come together in unity and purpose.

The Church We See

For Every Generation

At Generations Church, we value families, and our Children & Family Ministry is dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and nurturing environment for kids to grow in their faith. We believe that investing in the next generation is vital for building strong leaders at every age and stage.

Generations Church is committed to empowering youth and teens to discover their identity in Christ. In our vibrant Youth & Teens ministry, young people find a safe and exciting space to grow spiritually, build authentic friendships, and become positive influencers in their schools and society.

College and university years are transformative and crucial for shaping your identity and beliefs. At Generations Church, we want to support you during this pivotal season of life. Our College & University Students ministry provides a place to connect with friends who share similar experiences and challenges.

At Generations Church, we value our young adults. We are not only preserving the past but planning for the future as well. This is a place you belong and can build authentic relationships. At Generation Church, you have the platform to become leaders in Church and society through teaching, listening, advising and collaboration built on the Word of faith.

Generations Church brings opportunity for adults and young families to breed fresh ideas, creativity and insights for practical living that establishes firm foundation for growth, development, balanced family life, strong relationships, leading in church and outside church through sound principles and wisdom based on word of faith.

Generations Church is home for seniors in our community. You will engage in activities that foster mental, physical and  spiritual well being. There will be opportunities to relate with other seniors  to experience wholesome faith fellowship. At GenChurch you have opportunity to use your gifts and skills to develop younger generation as role models and leaders in the church and community.

Kay and Fola Komolafe

Meet Our Lead Pastors

Kay and Fola Komolafe are the Lead Pastors of Generations Church in Milton Keynes, UK. With over thirty years of experience in church leadership and governance, they are dedicated to building a vibrant community where people of all generations experience God's transformative power. They're passionate about empowering lives, families, and communities through God's word. Together, they lead Generations Church with love, compassion, and a heart for impacting lives with the love of Jesus.

Meet Our Pastors

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